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The silk boxer brief is the perfect choice for maximum comfort to wear under any sort of clothing.


The cotton boxerbrief by

The male boxerbrief consists of a tight fit and shorter legs. It has a longer fit than a boxer (slip) but is less long than the boxershort. This shorter cut is one of the most popular styles of men’s underwear. Are you by the way at a loss at the different types of underwear? Let us help you out!

But why do what has already been done? Right, we agree. That is why we designed and produced a new, high-quality boxer brief, driven to offer the best frictionless underwear available on the market today. Whether you have a more muscular body or you’re just a tall man, the boxer brief complements your style with maximum comfort and a fully supportive and covered feeling.

We made a tight boxer brief out of fine organic cotton yarns and the softest organic silk interior you can imagine. Applying a body-conscious design approach, we have strived to minimize the impact of tight clothes on the body. The lower cut does not restrict the belly. The waistband is covered with organic cotton keeping synthetic fabrics from touching your skin. It does not leave marks or feel uncomfortably tight. It lets the skin breathe better.

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The legs of the cotton boxer brief are short, because the higher the underwear is cut at the legs, the better the movement of the trunk can integrate with the movement of the legs. Because of the tighter fit, the boxerbrief also stays put. With it, you no longer have that problem of underwear that climbs up or causes chafing. Also, this snug fit ensures that the boxerbrief is the perfect choice to wear under any sort of clothing. Whether you like trousers, (skinny) jeans or sport jeans.

The boxerbrief is made out of fine organic cotton yarns and the softest organic silk interior ensures high comfort and protection. A double-lined bottom part helps for extra moisture absorption. The Ynside signature is found in a special crotch design made out of soothing satin silk. Minimalistic and elegant for every male.

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So, in short, silk boxer briefs…

have a longer fit

are better suited for men with thicker thighs or a large build

have (almost zero) potential of climbing up your legs

give you comfort and protect you from chafing

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The highest quality
mulberry silk & organic cotton

Let’s have a look on the inside of our boxerbrief. This is made of mulberry silk from India. Did you know that mulberry silk has a unique way of how it is produced? Because the silkworm only consumes mulberry leaves, this results in the finest available silk in the world. It is pure white in color and made up of individual long fibers. This ensures that mulberry silk is more refined than any other type of silk and is expressed by this silk’s qualities: 100% organic, odorless and hypoallergenic. Your Ynside cotton boxer briefs thus know a soft touch and guarantee a very small chance of allergic reactions.

The way we harvest our silk is a small wonder of mother nature. That’s why our silk is also known as peace silk, non-violent. The animal-friendly process is done by cutting the top of the cocoon open to allow the developing moth to escape and to finish its natural lifecycle outside of its cocoon.

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The benefits of silk for
body and soul

If you continuously wear your silk boxer brief, your skin will feel noticeably smoother within 30 days. The silk fiber has a softening, renewing effect on your skin because of the protein ‘sericin’. This protein is found in silk and can adhere to the keratin (protein) in skin and hair resulting in a perceptible “homogeneous protective film”. Ok, let’s break this down to normal English. When wearing your cotton boxerbrief, the silk forms a barrier layer, helping retain moisture whilst simultaneously having a plumping, anti-keratinizing, anti-wrinkle effect.

Silk is an all-climate fabric. Because of its natural temperature-regulating properties, silk allows the skin to breathe. Thus, silk has the paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously.  The boxerbrief is thus the perfect choice in both summer and winter! In fact, silk garments outperform other fabrics. We also know that intimate skin is highly absorptive and for that we choose to use organic fabrics only. This way we prevent toxic chemicals, such as those found in standard clothing manufacturing, to directly enter the body.

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Silk boxer brief for the
optimal protection

Silk feels smooth, however, the material itself is very robust and will last for years. The smooth feel of silk ensures that the mens boxerbrief doesn’t overly excite the nerve endings. This also doesn’t result in discomfort in the form of itchiness and sensitivity.

Clinical studies have proven that the silk used in our boxerbrief can help ease conditions such as:

Eczema or atopic dermatitis
Sensitive skin
Allergic rash
Post-chemotherapy skin treatment
✓  Skin flora

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Originated in
the Netherlands

Ynside (phonetic: “ien siede”) actually consists of two Frisian words (Yn and side) relating to our founders’ birth ground. They literally mean “in silk” and acts as the starting point of deep insights unlocking a passion for craftsmanship and sports. Our headquarters are based in Amsterdam, where the spirit of Ynside is carefully cared for and maintained by working with a fantastic team. From our basecamp, we design new Ynside products, oversee the different production stages of our male boxer briefs and manage shipping and fulfillment.

Handcrafted boxerbrief in

We are sad to say that most of the textile production has left Europe. Luckily, some pearls stayed. We love to play things close to the heart. All Ynside underwear, like the mens boxer brief, is handcrafted in Germany. In this way, we can ensure the highest boxer brief quality possible whilst at the same time keeping an eye on production and environmental factors.

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