The silk boxer brief
by Ynside.

Special silk crotch interior

Super smooth material

Elegant, high-quality design

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What is a silk cotton boxerbrief?

Our male boxerbrief consists of a tight fit and shorter legs. This means it has a longer fit than a boxer (slip) but is less long and especially less loose than a boxershort.

This shorter cut is one of the most popular styles of men’s underwear and also happens to be our most popular type of underwear. Are you by the way at a loss at the different types of underwear? Let us help you out!

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Boxer brief

The unique Ynside silk crotch design

We designed and produced a new, high-quality boxer brief, driven to offer the best frictionless underwear available on the market today..

We created a tight boxer brief out of fine organic cotton yarns and the softest organic silk interior you can imagine. Unique is the silk crotch design. You can find soothing satin silk-lined into the inside of our boxer brief. This ensures maximum comfort and no chafing.

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Boxer brief

Get your male boxer brief now

Superb material, elegant design, and a comfortable, mens boxerbrief. Shop yours now! In short, our silk boxer briefs…

Contain a special silk interior for maximum comfort

Elegantly designed in Holland (Dutch design)

Protect against chafing

Last for years due to high-quality durable material

The highest quality
mulberry silk & organic cotton

The inside of our boxerbrief is made of mulberry silk from India. This silk is softer than any other type of silk (or textile), 100% organic, odorless and hypoallergenic. In normal English: our boxer briefs know a super soft touch and offer a small chance of allergic reactions.

Boxer brief

The benefits of silk for
body and soul

If you continuously wear your silk boxer brief, your skin will feel noticeably smoother within 30 days. The silk fiber has a softening, renewing effect on your skin because of the protein ‘sericin’, which is found in silk. When wearing your cotton boxerbrief, the silk forms a barrier layer, helping retain moisture whilst simultaneously having a plumping, anti-keratinizing, anti-wrinkle effect.

Silk is an all-climate fabric. Because of its natural temperature-regulating properties, silk allows the skin to breathe. Thus, silk has the paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously. The boxerbrief is thus the perfect choice in both summer and winter!

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Boxer brief

Silk boxer brief for the
optimal protection

Silk feels smooth, however, the material itself is very robust and will last for years. The smooth feel of silk ensures that the mens boxerbrief doesn’t overly excite the nerve endings. This also doesn’t result in discomfort in the form of itchiness and sensitivity.

Boxer brief

Originated in
the Netherlands

Ynside (phonetic: “ien siede”) actually consists of two Frisian words (Yn and side) relating to our founders’ birth ground. They literally mean “in silk” and acts as the starting point of deep insights unlocking a passion for craftsmanship and sports.

Handcrafted boxerbrief in

All Ynside underwear, like the mens boxer brief, is handcrafted in Germany. In this way, we can ensure the highest boxer brief quality possible whilst at the same time keeping an eye on production and environmental factors.

Boxer brief