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Noticeably softer, brighter skin within 30 days
Full silk boxershort
Super-soft and premium quality


Taking care

Silk is a very joyful, strong, but delicate fabric. To prolong its beauty, handle with care.

  1. Seek out detergents specifically created for silk or delicate garments like wool. Organic and biodegradable. Nothing at home? You could use a small amount of a mild hair shampoo.
  2. 30°C max. Use a programme for washing delicate articles or wool/silk. Wash at a temperature range from cold to 30° degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).
  3. Do not tumble dry Ynside underwear. Best solution is to line dry and to not expose the product to direct sunlight. UV light is damaging to silk.
  4. It is better to not iron silk. If you insist, be sure that the fabric must always be damp when ironing at the lowest temperature.
  5. *Hint: using natural vinegar as a ‘fabric softener’ will ensure your underwear keeps its color better. It also helps to neutralize detergents and makes your silk shine bright. In conclusion, vinegar is a natural way to clean your washing machine.

We select the best know-how to offer pieces made to last. Our products are made with German quality and perfection.

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