Peace silk 101; why we love vegan silk

8 March 2022

We love peace silk. Peace silk, also known as Ahimsa silk, non-violent silk and some even say  vegan silk, refers to silk that is produced in a way that it’s harmless to animals and the environment. But why is our silk different? And why do we love our vegan silk so passionately? Let us tell you.

How conventional silk is made

In traditional serie culture, the unravelling of the cocoons happens in warm water before a moth is able to hatch. This is to wash off the sericin and to keep the long single thread. Since the moth is not allowed to hatch, we’ve been on a mission of finding a silk farm that includes nature’s perspective on the process the way we believe in. We are thrilled to share that there are various beautiful approaches to the production of silk that are more up to our standards…

Silk peace

Peace silk 101

Fun fact: peace silk finds its origin in India. Here, they found a technique to create Ahima silk, which means ‘non violence’ in Hindi. Now the complete process is a miracle itself. With this production technique, they try to not harm the silkworms whilst gathering and producing silk. Thus, the silk moth is allowed to emerge from its cocoon to complete its natural life cycle. Only after the silk moths have left their cocoons are the silk filaments degummed in hot water. Interestingly, this silk making process requires a slightly different technique to make a similar high quality, soft fabric as conventional silk. Peace silk therefore tends to feel softer, somewhat less ‘hard’ compared to conventional silk.. want to dive into the production of our peace silk? Then check out this extensive article

peace silk

‘Vegan’ silk to stimulate environmental benefits

Correct, it is not completely right to call it vegan in general terms. Silk is a material created by the help of animals (silkworms) and even with the ahimsa silk production technique, it is possible that animals are harmed. However, the main reason why we love our own silk is that our farmer implements a nature inclusive approach. For example, by stimulating soils with microbes, fungi, plants, animals and insects, they become richer and more fertile. This ensures a positive effect on biodiversity. 

Also, mulberry trees (our silk trees) provide food for silk caterpillars and so do an amazing job in improving biodiversity. So, our non-violent way of producing silk not only ensures cruelty-free silk. Silk production can be part of an amazing improvement of biodiversity and is consequently future proof. Therefore, even though we think vegan silk might be a bridge too far, we feel our way of producing peace silk comes very close to being vegan silk. Want to know more about how sustainable (our) silk is? Read more here.

Our passion for silk

There you have it, with our own definition of vegan silk we are trying to not violate the rules of nature. We sustain life for silk moths, create fertile soils and thus more life on our lands and therefore more biodiversity in the entire region. Next to the incomparable benefits of silk for the skin, it’s improved durability and soothing comfort, it makes our passion for silk unparalleled. And we hope we have bestowed some of this passion on you as well. Do you want to learn more about Ynside and how our brand came into existence? We’re happy to tell!