Heritage from the North

It’s a beautiful colorful sunrise, dark clouds are mixed with a mysterious bright orange light. The cold wind is strong, encouraged by flat grass lands. You can smell the water-rich environment, mixed with fresh mowed grass. Cows wailing in the background, the sound is determined by the rhythm of bicycle pedals moving their way to a new destination…

Dreams were created back then. Yn side, (phonetic: “ien siede”), are two Frisian words relating to our founders’ birthground, literally meaning “in silk”. They are the starting point of deep insights unlocking a passion for sports and craftsmanship.

The secret
lies within

Friction is most probably recognizable for many. Imagine the daily challenges of skin, and in particular the intimate skin.

Ynside boxers are unique for their inside out approach, integrating natural silk as a caring and supportive layer. They are engineered for your health and wellness. Reflecting the minimalistic and elegant vision of the house.

Happy inside,
to become
Happy outside

Skin is a membrane, our largest organ, separating the inner and outer world. Ynside is found with the believe that taking good care of yourself has a tremendous positive impact on your overall well being. Our way of saying that we hope to support you to live your full potential, by making the best chafing free underwear.

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Born in

By offering authentic, sustainable, and reliable products, we are eager to make as many people happy, including our partners. From 2008 we have been guided by the desire to create the next level in natural underwear, transcend borders and tell a unique story, with respect of our planet and its people.

With our head quarters based in Amsterdam, the spirit of Ynside is carefully cared and kept by working with a fantastic team.

Produced in

Most of textile production has left Europe. Some pearles luckily stayed. We choose to create close to the heart. All Ynside underwear is handcrafted in Germany, to ensure the highest quality possible.

Ahimsa silk
from India

Through our focus on naturally grown fibres, we have put effort on reconnecting with nature. We understand all life depends on biodiversity, thus we are eager to learn and listen to what nature tells us and how we can be part of restoring biodiversity and turn our impact more positive. This is only the beginning.

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