These are the types of underwear by Ynside

3 August 2021

As you might know, Ynside is Dutch. Or to be more specific, Frisian. Now, here in the Netherlands, life is pretty straight forward when it comes to naming men’s underwear. We just call them ‘boxers’. In English, though, this is not the case. Boxer short, boxer brief, trunk, slip, low rise, high rise… we can imagine that it’s hard to keep up. At least, that is the case for us. So what is what? Let us explain!

First, the Ynside approach.

At Ynside, we like to stick to the minimalism of things while similarly expressing our passion for the smallest detail.

This is why, for our male underwear products, we choose to keep our names simple and divide products into four domains: the tight brief, the shorter tight boxer brief, the longer tight boxer and the loose fit boxer short. The brief and the boxer will be added to our webstore in the near future. The boxer brief and boxer short have our current focus. Both are very relevant and popular. Both are very different in terms of comfort and style simultaneously.

There is a world of thought behind each specific Ynside design. Are you ready to learn more? Let us first discuss the world of underwear briefly.


The brief

The most classic male underwear is usually called a brief (or slip), and is still a popular choice worldwide. The brief fits from the waist to the top of the thigh. This underwear has a tight fit, which offers a lot of support and ensures everything stays put. For this reason, a brief is very popular for sports. Do you love wearing skinny jeans? Then the slip is also a good choice because they are less likely to show.

Good to know: the Ynside brief is on its way of being developed. Expect a reinvented traditional brief with a minimalistic, stylish design that provides ultimate comfort with our signature silk interior.

Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs (also known as trunks) contain a tight fit and shorter legs. Nowadays, this shorter cut is one of the most popular styles of men’s underwear. In general, the boxer brief tends to rest lower on the hip than a boxer or boxer short.

The Ynside boxer brief ensures maximum comfort and protection. The hem falls just above the widest part of the legs and our boxer brief rests snug on the hip meaning it has a low rise cut to fully support freedom of the body.


Boxers resemble shorts while being tight, providing extra support. Quite some men prefer boxers for they are a little more padded and dress the thighs up. Boxers help adjust the slight disproportions for those on the skinny side, or it makes the lower body look bigger. In the wintertime a boxer tends to be slightly warmer as well. Thus, boxers give most men maximum comfort and a fully supportive and covered feeling with any sort of clothing. Whether you like trousers, jeans or sportswear.

Ynside boxers are on their way. They will include all the unique features of our most popular piece, the boxer brief…

Boxer shorts

This is easy to understand right? Boxer shorts have a traditional cut that usually is very spacious and made of a woven fabric without stretch. Indeed, like a short. It’s a design that has long, very long been the most worn of all underwear. At least in the Western world. The long, high-waisted shorts pulled up to the navel looked antique and far from stylish in comparison. At the same time they were a result of available fabrics at that time.

These typical high rise boxer shorts held their popularity until ‘sexier’, lower cut briefs and boxers came out in the ’70s. From that time, boxer shorts gradually changed to a more fashionable look. Today there are many variants of a boxershort available. Users still appreciate the space and breathable feeling.

And so does Ynside. We have translated our unique inside-out approach to boxer shorts into a very relevant topic for modern men: health and wellness. In boxer shorts, we find the optimum in providing space and enjoying a natural airy (almost naked) feeling. They are combined with a modern cut that follows the body closer.

4 types of underwear

So there you have it, there are four main types of underwear and Ynside offers a stylish product for each of them. Whilst all contain the same signature silk interior, minimalistic design and high quality materials, they differ in style and usability. We hope you are now confident to make the right choice for your needs.

Want to find out more about our choice for silk and the positive effects this wonderful material has on both body and mind? Please check out this article. Enjoy!

The products

We’ve made it easy for you: two options for the best and only underwear you’ll ever want again. Just pick your favourite style and be blown away by the softest, organic silk underwear you’ve ever worn.

Comfort, it’s in our DNA.

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