Why Ynside is the best anti-chafing underwear out there

20 December 2021

In our quest for ultimate comfort, we came across a truly magical material; silk. We’ll explain below why we were immediately in love with this material. But our choice of material also leads to a more unexpected realisation: studies (like this one) estimate that 38% of men worldwide and 80% of male Americans are circumcised. And the silk interior lining of Ynside’s products makes them the best circumcision underwear out there, especially for these men. Let us explain why!

It’s about comfort!

Let’s take a step back to explain a bit more about Ynside. We are driven to create premium underwear for men to look good and feel great. Silk is a key component for this ultimate comfort. Made up of many super soft filaments which are highly resistant, perfectly smooth and cylindrical, silk does not cause friction on the skin. In about 30 days of continuous use, the fiber has a renewing, softening effect.

To deepen this further, silk mimics skin most closely as a natural protein fabric. Silk proteins have been shown to increase the hydration of the skin, as well as naturally decrease further moisture loss from the skin. In the medical field, silk proteins are being used to engineer vascular tissue, cartilage and ligaments, and skin cells to assist in a wide variety of injuries. This means only silk can form an optimal barrier layer, protecting the skin from (rough) exterior materials causing chafing and irritation.

In short, silk is a robust material with the smoothest and softest feel. Especially with the daily challenges of skin, and in particular the intimate skin, this ensures that silk is an exquisite material for unparalleled comfort and protection.

Back to the best circumcision underwear

Alright, so let’s get back to the claim that Ynside is the best anti-chafing underwear for circumcised men. From many of our clients’ experiences we understood that feelings of chafing and discomfort are not unknown – circumcised or not(!).

Having an active lifestyle is mostly the trigger. But, as we understood, being circumcised can bring daily challenges to a man’s life and especially to his private parts with intimate skin toughening, drying and thickening. Because of said friction, a negative impact on (sexual) sensitivity can even be experienced. However, it is important to realize that most men worldwide have been circumcised at a young age and are lacking comparison material.

With the above-named benefits of silk, you might begin to grasp why Ynside is the best circumcision underwear from a textile perspective. Ynside boxers are known for their unique design. With German precision, we engineered a protective layer of special silk in the crotch of our Ynside Boxer Brief. With this inside-out approach, integrating natural silk as a caring and supportive layer, ultimate comfort, without chafing and friction is achieved. The now available boxer brief is finished with 100% organic cotton. The ultimate 100% silk boxer briefs will arrive again soon.

best circumcision underwear

More comfort in your daily life

You’ve now read why Ynside has the best anti-chafing and circumcision underwear out there. Our products are engineered for your health and wellness, reflecting the minimalistic and elegant vision of the house. May we invite you to have a look at our Boxer Brief? We’d love to help you upgrade your comfort in life.

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