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If you have placed an order (within the Netherlands) on working days before 22:00, you will receive your underwear at home the next day. For orders to countries within Europe, shipping usually takes 2 – 5 days, depending on your exact location. For orders outside Europe, delivery time is influenced by both border control and your exact location. You will always receive a track and trace link.

Something wrong? Make always sure to always fill out the correct address, and keep it up to date. Otherwise, let us know.

Unfortunately not, we offer a worldwide service together with local partners. It depends on their courier when your order is delivered.

Shipping charges are dependent on your exact location. Shipping within the NL is always free, as well as shipping to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Shipping is also free of charge when ordering above a certain amount:

  • Shipments to France, Austria, Denmark,, Switzerland and The United Kingdom are free of charge when your order is above 80 Euro.
  • Shipments to the rest of Europe are free of charge when your order is above 150 Euro.
  • To all other countries, shipment is free of charge when your order is above 300 to 350 Euro, depending on your country.

Yes, all packages sent by Ynside have a Track & Trace code. You will receive an email with your code.

All countries are charged with VAT, except for Switzerland. The Swiss added tax will be invoiced to you by the carrier upon receipt of the goods together with the customs clearance costs and any customs duties. The Swiss VAT is calculated based on the taxable value of the goods. The taxable value of the goods is made up of the cost of the goods, shipping costs, customs clearance costs and any customs duties. For administrative reasons, tax amounts up to CHF 5 are not charged. You can find more information on the customs clearance costs of Swiss Post here


Yes. Apart from certain accessories (such sewing thread or elastics) our products are all made out of organic yarns or organic certified fabrics. Here you can read why we think this is important.

  • Silk is not Vegan. However, Ynside is motivated by nature inclusive farming methods. We use organic certified peace silk, meaning the silk caterpillar is not harmed in the spinning process. Here you can read more about our unique silk process.
  • Silk is perfectly kosher
  • Silk is halal for women. For men there is a difference of opinion regarding this. The hanafi Madhab for example permits clothing in which there is less than 50% silk. This is the case with our cotton-silk products. In some schools certain exceptional circumstances where there is shar’i evidence to support this. People who are sick may also be permitted to wear silk to relieve their suffering, as Anas reported that the Prophet allowed ‘Abd al-Rahmaan ibn ‘Awf and Ibn al-Zubayr to wear silk because of a skin irritation that they suffered from. These scholars also allowed men to wear garments containing four fingers’ width of silk. For Ynside products combining organic cotton and silk, only the front interior is made out of silk and less than four fingers wide. Source.

Silk is a very joyful, strong, but delicate fabric. To prolong its beauty, handle with care like you would with your hair.

  1. Seek out detergents specifically created for silk or delicate garments like wool. Organic and biodegradable. Nothing at home? You could use a small amount of a mild hair shampoo.
  2. 30°C max. Use a programme for washing delicate articles or wool/silk. Wash at a temperature range from cold to 30° degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).
  3. Do not tumble dry Ynside underwear. Best solution is to line dry and to not expose the product to direct sunlight. UV light is damaging to silk.
  4. It is better to not iron silk. If whished, be sure that the fabric must always be damp when ironing at the lowest temperature.
  5. *Hint: using natural vinegar as a ‘fabric softener’ will ensure your underwear keeps its color better. It also helps to neutralize detergents and makes your silk shine bright. In conclusion, vinegar is a natural way to clean your washing machine.


Due to hygiene reasons underwear unfortunately cannot be returned. Of course, if there is a manufacturing fault with your garment you are welcome to the return the items back to store for a full refund.

Kindly check your correct size with the size chart presented. If there is any doubt about the right size, please let us know and we would love to help out.


You can pay with Paypal, iDeal, Credit card and Klarna (post-pay method).

Paypal: trusted Paypal environment
iDEAL: secured payment within your personal bankaccount
Creditcard: will be charged directly from your credit card
Klarna post-pay: payment is reserved with Klarna, and charged after product is delivered